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Solar Home Lighting Systems

The use of solar powered systems does not necessarily involve huge initial investments. Adtouch Solar presents a range of solar products and solar home lighting systems that will not only save costs but also provide sustainable, environment-friendly lighting for your home. Select the product that you are interested in to know more.

Solar Powered Tube Lights

    Solar powered LED tube lights are ideal for home illumination. The entire LED lighting fixture can save over 80% energy over conventional lighting systems. The life span of LED based solar lighting systems is also over 10 times greater than conventional lighting systems.

    Add to this the fact that there is almost no maintenance requirement and the fact that the even light provided is healthy for your eyes and LED based solar home lighting systems become not just environment friendly, but also cost-effective and healthy solutions for your home lighting needs.

Solar Powered LED Lanterns

Adtouch Solar presents a range of environment-friendly lanterns. The range of solar powered LED lanterns include crank lanterns, lanterns powered by solar cells and more.

Powered by 2W and 3W panels, the solar lanterns offer many advantages. The light provided by the lantern is uniform and powerful, the charge lasts many times longer than conventional lanterns. These lanterns are environment-friendly, maintenance-free and result in no electrical consumption since they are powered by solar cells.